Organic skincare

Seasonal Organic facials

All of our facial products are handmade with organic and wildcrafted ingredients by our esthetician. These organic products are adjusted as the seasons change to ensure your skin is receiving proper care. Our seasonal facials include cleansing, exfoliating, steam, scalp massage, extractions, masque, facial massage, hand and arm massage, and a finishing touch of refreshing rosewater.

Give your skin a break from the sun. Exfoliate, hydrate, and protect with skin invigorating products in this facial. The ingredients in every product have antioxidant capabilities that help reduce hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. Antioxidants help by reducing free radical damage which is linked to skin aging. Photodamage tends to surface years after the damage has been done. So get ahead of the game. Even out your skin tone, replenish the lacking nutrients, brighten a dull complexion, and slow down the aging process! The summer series has been designed to fit any skin type.

50 minute session$110

Healing Euphoria Facial

This facial is pure bliss! It includes everything the seasonal facial has plus a hot oil scalp massage, an extra masque, hand and foot hydration treatment, and reiki.

Single session (60 minutes)$115
Series of 4 sessions (60 minutes per session)$399

Mini Facial

mini facial

This is a great introduction to a facial. If you’re looking for a quick skin pick me up, this is the option for you! Facial massages get the blood circulating which plumps the skin and slows down the process of aging. It also relieves tension. It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our face. Rarely do we ever realize it and it’s important to release the stress. The more we scrunch our faces the faster we get those fine lines! However, be proud of the smile lines! The mini facial does not include extractions, masque, and hand and arm massage. However, add-on’s are available upon request.

Single session (30 minutes)$65
Series of 4 sessions (30 minutes per session)$239
Add on services$15 for the 1st and $10 for each additional

Back Facial

back facial

It’s easy to neglect this area of our bodies as it’s difficult to reach and clean thoroughly after we sweat, wear tight clothing, etc. Since our skin is thick and pores are abundant in this area it makes it very easy for the skin to become congested which is why a back facial is in order every once in awhile! The same protocol and products that are used in the seasonal organic facial are used on the back as well.

*Hand and arm massage not included

45 minute session$100

Skin Consultation

Customized Skin Consultation

This is a great option for those who don’t know what they need for their skin care regimen or what facials are best suited for their skin. Dietary recommendations for specific skin conditions can be discussed as well as Fox & Spirit products that are made specifically for you. Our esthetician will assess the needs of your skin and address them for further treatment suggestions.

Single session (30 minutes)$25

Light Therapy Treatment Facial

Light Therapy

This treatment starts with a deep pore cleanse with warm towels and steam followed by extractions, a cooling masque, pressure point therapy, and hydrating oils. Light therapy is performed while the oils nutrients absorb into the skin. This treatment calms inflammation, heals scarring, evens skin tone, stimulates collagen and cell turnover for vibrant and healthy skin.

**This facial is suggested for blemish prone, sensitive skin, and aging skin.

45 minute session$130
Series of 4 sessions$500
Series of 8 sessions$960

Lymphatic Facial Rejuvenation

lymphatic facial

De-stress and nourish your skin with our organic therapeutic facial.
The treatment includes an aromatherapy hot towel steam with custom essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate your circulation, reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, sinus congestion and headaches, a soothing organic face mask, and botanical facial spray to send you home relaxed and rejuvenated.

Single session (60 minutes)$95
Series of 4 sessions (60 minutes per session)$365

Customized Organic Facial

organic facial

This facial package includes an initial skin analysis and consultation to determine a series of 4 or 6 treatments structured specifically for your skin. Upon the first treatment, you will receive three Fox & Spirit organic and handmade products by our esthetician to use at home to enhance your treatment plan.

*Recommended for a result based treatment plan

*Only offered in series of 4 or 6

Series of 4 sessions (60 minutes per session)$490
Series of 6 sessions (60 minutes per session)$690

Add-ons for $15

Hand and arm massage 5 min.

Hot oil scalp 5 min.

Extractions 10 min.

Seasonal masque 10 min ($10 for first-time facial customers, otherwise $15)

Facial acupressure 10 min. Relieves headaches and sinus pressure, energy balance, improves circulation, removal of toxins, natural skin plumper.

Light Therapy 10 minutes

**Add-on to any facial service to enhance skin clarity, pore refinement, reduce acne, anti-aging, and sun damage.

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Jessica Sailer

Jessica Sailer

Esthetician and Registered Yoga Instructor

Jessica Sailer is a licensed Esthetician who specializes in holistic, organic skincare. She has always enjoyed making her own products from random kitchen ingredients to help her skin which paved the way for her to study esthetics and herbology. She has struggled with acne since she was a teen but became worse when she turned 18 and caused her to fall into an unhealthy state of mind. Throughout many trial and errors, she found that healing skin disorders came from an internal standpoint rather than external. She believes through fresh diet, positive mental health, and lifestyle choices determine skin’s health. Yoga plays a huge role in skin health as well considering we hold a lot of stress and emotions within our internal organs causing imbalances in the skin. The study of the self (Svadhyaya) is extremely beneficial and important to understand one’s own personal healing process and patterns from physical and mental health. She pursues a holistic way of living every day not only with her products but through art, travel, yoga, and meditation. She aspires to continue learning new ways to enhance her natural day to day routine through the people she meets and experiences she comes by.

Jessica practices Herbalism, Esthetics, and Yoga. She is a Level 1 herbalist, licensed Esthetician, and a certified yoga instructor. Jessica enjoys traveling, handcrafting jewelry, cuddling and hiking with her dog, and simply being enveloped by the sun.