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private yoga

Integrating yoga into your regular workout program is beneficial on many levels. It can help prevent injury, relax muscles, and keep you flexible. Furthermore, the benefits of reduced stress and increased oxygen levels can give you an overall sense of wellbeing that can become deliciously addictive in a good way. You can experiment with new or challenging yoga postures or discover stillness on your mat with the support of your private yoga instructor.

Single session of 60 minutes$95
Each additional person$25

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Jessica Sailer

Jessica Sailer

Esthetician and Registered Yoga Instructor

Jessica Sailer is a licensed Esthetician who finds creating holistic concoctions and sharing her knowledge with others exhilarating. She has always enjoyed making her own products from random kitchen ingredients to help her skin which paved the way for her to study esthetics and herbology. She has struggled with acne since she was a teen but became worse when she turned 18 and caused her to fall into an unhealthy state of mind. Throughout many trial and errors, she found that healing skin disorders came from an internal standpoint rather than external. She believes through fresh diet, positive mental health, and lifestyle choices determine skin’s health. Yoga plays a huge role in skin health as well considering we hold a lot of stress and emotions within our internal organs causing imbalances in the skin. The study of the self (Svadhyaya) is extremely beneficial and important to understand one’s own personal healing process and patterns from physical and mental health. She pursues a holistic way of living every day not only with her products but through art, travel, yoga, and meditation. She aspires to continue learning new ways to enhance her natural day to day routine through the people she meets and experiences she comes by.

Jessica has been practicing Herbalism for 1 yr., Esthetics for 3 yrs., Yoga for 3 yrs, and has been teaching yoga since 2018. She is a Level 1 herbalist, licensed Esthetician, and a certified yoga instructor. Jessica enjoys traveling, handcrafting jewelry, cuddling and hiking with her dog, and simply being enveloped by the sun.

Liliana Skinner

Liliana Skinner

Registered Yoga Instructor and Thai Bodyworker

Lilliana is a registered yoga instructor and Thai bodyworker. She started with her yoga teacher training in 2013 at. From there she was introduced to Thai massage. She soon realized she had a good ability at reading people’s bodies and their energy and her yoga students really benefited from her adjustments in class so she started to explore expanding her practice into Thai bodywork. Her goal is to see people happy with their pain gone. She likes to connect with her clients to really understand their needs and meet their goals. People that can’t move and stretch on their own get the benefits of yoga. Lili got trained at the Lotus palm institute of Thai massage and bodywork. She has gone on to train in Thai style head massage at Kripalu in 2016 with Sukha Wong and has further continued her education with 24 hr continuing credits from Michael Sitzer. She is also Reiki 1 certified. Lili is an avid yogi and climber. She loves nature and the outdoors and spending time with her fiance and cat Sandy.