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We do not currently have an active community acupuncture clinic. Please call to check in for up coming dates and options. Thank you.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is most commonly used for pain but has many other applications. Such applications include: improvement in sleep and digestion, the treatment of gynecological conditions, infertility, addictions, stress relief and much more.

Community Acupuncture

Sliding Scale!
One weekday and one weekend a month

Reserve your spot by calling or scheduling online.
Walk-ins are welcome on a first come first serve basis.

Initial Appointment & Consultation60-75 minutes$125
Follow-up Sessions45-60 minutes$85
​Series Of 4 Sessions45-60 minutes$320
Series Of 8 Sessions45-60 minutes$599

Initial Appointment 35 minutes$40 flat fee
Follow-up sessions25 minutesSliding scale $25-$40

Here are some of our specialized treatments

Auricular Stress Relief


This is a general treatment where a set of five points in each ear will be utilized. This protocol is useful in the treatment of stress, sleep disturbance and anxiety.

Initial Appointment & Consultation45 minutes$65
Follow-up Sessions30 minutes$45
​Series Of 4 Sessions30 minutes$170
Series Of 8 Sessions30 minutes$320

Cupping and Gua Sha


These treatments are used in order to loosen muscles, encourage blood flow and sedate the nervous system. Both are useful in the treatment of back and neck pain/tension, anxiety, fatigue and migraines.             

Initial Appointment & Consultation45 minutes$80
Follow-up Sessions30 minutes$65
​Series Of 4 Sessions30 minutes$250
Series Of 8 Sessions30 minutes$480

Facial Rejuvenation

facial acupuncture

Are you holding too much tension in your face?
Looking for a natural way to look younger and more vibrant without the serious risks of toxin injections and cosmetic procedures?
Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural alternative to Botox and face-lifts!

Initial Appointment$85
Single Follow-up Session$75
Series of 10 Sessions$665

Practitioner: Acupuncture

Dr Nicole Klughers

Dr Nicole Klughers

Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncture Specialist

Dr. Nicole Klughers is a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncture specialist, nature lover, educator and life enthusiast. Dr. Nicole’s passion for health care started when she was only 14 years old while working at a small-town pharmacy as the pharmacist’s assistant. Inspired by the daily interactions she observed amongst the dedicated pharmacist and his appreciative patients, Dr. Nicole decided to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) at St. John’s University College of Pharmacy.
“Being trained as a pharmacist and exposed to the inner workings of conventional medical care allowed me to fully recognize that pharmacy was not the way I wanted to help people.”
Through unique experience in the field of pharmacy and personal commitment to self-discovery and growth, Dr. Nicole realized her purpose was to provide health care with a different approach. Eager to help others in a way that allowed for holistic and natural healing, Dr. Nicole embarked upon the journey of becoming a Naturopathic Physician at the University of Bridgeport where she simultaneously earned a Master of Science in Acupuncture. Graduating summa cum laude, “With Highest Honors,” Dr. Nicole also received the awards for both Clinical Excellence and All-Around Excellence from the College of Naturopathic Medicine at University of Bridgeport.
“Becoming a naturopathic physician has allowed me to help people with a strong sense of honor, passion and pride. I am confident that I am supporting individuals to truly heal by addressing the root cause of illness.”
In efforts to create a healthier, sustainable, more aware and joyful world, Dr. Nicole regularly educates communities and develops hands-on workshops. Dr. Nicole focuses to empower the public with information to better live a life of wellness. Outside of the USA, Dr. Nicole serves in vulnerable communities where individuals’ rights to health are not recognized and believes naturopathic medicine can provide a sustainable means of healthcare in developing countries.
“Individuals I work with become empowered to take their health into their own hands and are ready to feel like the best version of themselves, like they deserve to!”
Dr. Nicole’s clinical training consists of a wide range of care settings throughout the U.S. including: private practice, inpatient hospital, outpatient hospital, community clinic, inpatient psychiatric institution, substance abuse treatment facility, and medical missions abroad in Italy, Jamaica, Guatemala and Ecuador. She has trained under esteemed leaders of the naturopathic profession with focus on Naturopathic Endocrinology, Mental Wellness, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Oncology and Pediatrics.

Dr. Nicole has an enthusiastic, optimistic and inventive attitude. She feels it necessary to constantly keep an open mind and stay receptive to unconventional possibilities that often provide overlooked solutions to recurring issues. She enjoys being active outdoors, submersing herself amidst various arts and world cultures and preparing wholesome, healthy meals to enjoy with family and friends.


Tui Na

tui-na landscape size

Tui na is not generally used for pleasure and relaxation, but rather as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony. As such, practitioners use it for many of the same reasons and according to the same principles as acupuncture.

Tui na includes what is popularly known as "acupressure," where practitioners use finger pressure instead of needles to stimulate the acupuncture points.

60 minute session$85

Practitioner: Tui Na

Jennifer Samath

Jennifer Samath

Specialist in Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapist and Reiki

Jennifer Samath is a specialist in Chinese Medicine, Cranial Sacral, and Reiki. It is Jennifer’s lifelong passion and calling to help and serve humanity.  She works closely to provide and improve quality care catered to each unique individual and communities. She has been in practice for 2 years in Acupuncture; 4 years in Cranial Sacral Therapy, 9 years in Reiki, and 10 years in ZGTN. She completed her Masters in Acupuncture and TCM from University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute, Masters in Chinese Herbology, Associates in Theater Arts, and Associates Minor: Business Administration and was also awarded Valedictorian Award in Academic Achievement in Traditional Chinese Medicine 2018, China Scholarship Award 2014, Dedication and Service to Patients in Integrated Clinic Award 2014. 

She is certified in Reiki 1, 2, Cranial Sacral Therapy Levels 1-3, Mind-Body, Zheng Gu Tui Na Levels 1-4, Level 1 Teacher Training ZenZouk Fundamentals. Furthermore, she is affiliated with the Connecticut Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CSAOM), Healthprofs, Wisdom Path Healing Center. Jennifer enjoys Brazilian Zouk Dance, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Martial Arts: Self-Defense, Hiking, Internal Martial Arts, Exercise and Fitness, Surfing, Sports, Boxing, Fitness, Writing, Research, Singing, Drum and Sound Circles, Crystal and Stone Jewelry Making. 

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